Business Verticals

1.  FEED, Feasibility and Detailed Engineering Services

Our team of experienced engineers bring to the table strategic skills and diverse talent set to offer best- in- class engineering solutions. Our offerings include:

  • Thermal
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Civil/Structural, etc.

2.  Skids & Modular Systems

modular process skid is a process system contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported. Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems or entire portable plants. 2]Process skids are designed to contain a complete process system, a complete unit of operations or to organize a manufacturing process into logical units.

Process skids are considered an alternative to traditional stick-built construction where process system parts are shipped individually and installed incrementally at the manufacturing site.. [3]All skids have the following characteristics in common:

  • Portable design– because they are self-contained units, built within frames, skid systems are easier to transport than traditional process systems.
  • Small footprint– process skid frames allow equipment layering. Piping, tanks, and necessary process equipment can be fit into a smaller footprint with a skid design
  • Gathered process connections– process connections are gathered into one spot on the skid, making plant connections easier. In traditional process systems, connections are spread throughout the plant.
  • Controlled assembly– skids are typically built in controlled conditions offsite. Existing operations are not affected by skid fabrication.
  • FAT testing before installation – Factory acceptance testing (FAT) can be completed before modular process skids are shipped to site. This reduces the amount of on-site start-up time.
  • Accessible layout– skids are designed for accessibility, usually including a center hallway, and major pieces of equipment placed around the edge of the frame.

Skid and modular system applications include: Batch processing, Bio waste deactivation systems, Centrifuge systems, Chemical processing, Chemical reactors, Clean-in-place systems, Coating systems, Continuous production systems, Distillation, Food and beverage processing, Fuel delivery systems, Mixing systems, Processing plant, Pump carts, Raw materials processing, etc.

OE’s typical skids and modular systems include: Fuel Gas Filtration Skids, Chemical Injection Skids, Pumping Skids, Self Cleaning Filtration, Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids, Gas Dehydration Skids, Modular Plants & Systems, etc.

3.  Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling and as Built Engineering

OE provides 3D modeling services from cloud point data to clients who require highly accurate documentation of their existing facilities. OE partners with laser scanning vendors to offer complete as-built solutions, including laser scanning, cloud point data, primitive modelling, intelligent modelling, and related deliverables, for customer locations worldwide.

OE can translate as-built data captured into millimeter-accurate 3D CAD models using software such as Plant 4D, PDMS, PDS, CADWorx, AutoCAD and MicroStation. Cloud point data collected from laser scanning can be converted to produce an accurate 3D as-built CAD model, intelligent or non-intelligent, as required for individual projects.

Our CAD technicians have completed numerous as-built modelling projects. We have sufficient resources and experience to ensure your laser-scanned data is modelled quickly and cost effectively. Our proven work process ensures both consistency and quality.

4.  HSE – Plant Audit,  Safety & Risk Management Studies

We recognise the impact the industries have on the planet and strive best to safeguard the health of our environment. OE’s specialised services include:

  • Plant Audit
  • Safety & Risk Management Studies
  • Training Programs

5.  Fabrication, Procurement & Supply Chain

We provide fabrication, procurement and supply chain support through our network of well established associates/partnerships, ensuring competitive purchasing and on-time delivery. OE remains the single point of interface/control in all technical and commercial matters, thereby eliminating the risk to the client.

6.  Resource Management & Field Support

Of the many factors that impact a project, Resource Management and Field Support is critical to meet the project deadlines.  OE’s offerings include:

  • Resource facilitation
  • Inspection, QC/QA
  • Expediting
  • HSE Compliance
  • Construction support

7.  Project Management

OE provides EPC services and manages your project from concept to commissioning, meeting time and budget requirements. Our offerings include:

  • Design to Build; complete Turn-Key
  • Single source responsibility
  • HSE compliance
  • Start-up and operator training
  • Annual maintenance services
  • Performance monitoring services, etc.